Professional and Personalized

Free Indoor Yoga

Lodgic 1807 S Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820

Free Indoor Yoga is an opportunity to get to know my teaching. Come into the yoga class tired, stiff, and with some mental clatter. Come out of the yoga class energized with some tools for focus. My next in person free community class is December 16th 5-6pm @ Lodgic in Champaign, IL.
Then check out my six month program to see if it is for you.


Beginner 6 Month Program

Online Private Yoga Instruction

You set times that work for you. Once weekly we will meet online for a 10 minute check in and 50 minute flow. Enjoy privacy and tailored flows designed to give you lifelong tools. The six month program has an upfront tuition of 2,500.00.