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Boredom, pregnancy, and getting hit by a truck

Updated: May 25, 2022

Yoga has come to my attention in different ways. The first time was as an undergraduate studying Literature at University of St. Francis. Part of the tuition at the time included a gym membership. I would go to the gym on Saturday mornings out of boredom. Casually I would attend drop in yoga classes. Boredom is a great reason to do yoga.

The rotation of teachers at the gym did an excellent job. Because for my two pregnancies, I leaned into prenatal yoga to get ready for the transformation of my body, my life. Pregnancy is physically demanding work. Gathering muscle through low impact exercise helped get me through labor. Many different yoga breathing techniques are handy in various stressful life situations.

The third way yoga came into my life was unanticipated. While walking on a pedestrian walkway with my 9 month old baby in my arms, we were hit by a truck. I am forever thankful that my body took all the impact upon hitting the pavement. After that incident, I had 5 months of physical therapy. At the end of those five months I asked my physical therapist Andy, "Can I go back to roller derby?" He said, "I'd prefer you take 6 months of swimming or yoga." So I went back to yoga.

Jess Goulding yoga in Austin, TX is wonderful. I highly recommend you attend an online and in person offering from Jess: While I went there to gather back my strength, I didn't know that I needed the meditation aspect. Jess G's classes felt invigorating & supportive. I got curious about meditation. The meditation at the beginning and or end of classes allowed me to go inward. I realized how much inner monologue was happening. It helped me gather the mental fortitude to be more mindful of my narratives and to have the option to drop non helpful thoughts.

When my family moved from Texas to Illinois amid the pandemic. I immediately sought Yoga Teacher Training in Illinois. I loved gathering materials to research and get to know the complexities of yoga. I completed my YTT in November of 2021. The YTT teacher Kristina Reese is another generous spirit and yoga instructor who brings warmth & creativity to flows. Everyone should take an offering or two from Kristina, visit:

I approach my teaching with an understanding of how impactful yoga can be in your life. Join me to start learning a skill set that will help you out in unexpected ways. Bring your reasons for doing yoga to Lodgic 1807 S Neil on June 17th from 10 -11 am. Email to save your spot!

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